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Nomination Guidelines

Click here to download the CMHF nomination form

  • Anyone may nominate a candidate for induction into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (CMHF).
  • Nominations must be submitted through one of the CMHF member or associate member organizations. Please contact the member organization to which you wish to submit a nomination by June 1; and deliver nominating material to the member organization by June 30.
  • Each nomination must contain the following information:
    • Complete curriculum vitae or career history of the nominee;
    • A covering letter describing the particular achievement or achievements that qualify the nominee for entry to the CMHF. The achievement/s should be described in terms of the appropriate selection criterion or criteria, i.e. Exploration, Building the Corporation, Technical Contribution, Supporting Contribution, Mining in Society;
    • Five or more letters of support for the nomination, at least one of which should be from an authority in the field stating the significance of the nominee’s achievement/s to the Canadian and/or world mineral industry. There must have been a flow-back of significant benefit to Canada.
    • Current address of the nominee or, if deceased, the name and address of a surviving family member.
  • While completeness and accuracy are important, submissions should at the same time be as concise as possible. A maximum length of ten pages per nomination is suggested, not including letters of support.
  • The member or associate member organization will submit the documentation to the CMHF. The closing date for receipt of nominations by the CMHF is July 20.
  • Selection of the individuals to be inducted will be made by the CMHF Board of Directors, whose decision will be final. Selection will be based solely on the Criteria for Selection. Unsuccessful nominations are returned. Nominations may be submitted up to three times, but must be submitted through a member organization each time.