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Categories of Achievement

Find a link to download the CMHF nomination form on the nomination guidelines page.

Candidates for induction into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame must be individuals who have demonstrated outstanding lifetime achievements to the benefit of the Canadian and/or world mineral industry in one or more of the categories below.

Whether the benefit is to the Canadian and/or world mineral industry, there must have been a flow-back of significant benefit to Canada.

A lifetime of service to the industry will normally be evaluated after the individual has reached the age of 65 years.

Candidates need not be Canadian citizens.

The candidate will have accomplished one or more of the following:

    • Discovered one or more “elephant” deposits of the nature of Horne, Sullivan, Kidd Creek, etc.;
    • Discovered a large number of significant mines of one or more types;
    • Successfully introduced a theory or principle or exploration technique that had a major impact on the subsequent discovery of significant mines;
    • Overcome exceptional obstacles or difficulties (weather, isolation, opposition, etc.) in the discovery of one or more significant mines.
    • Exercised outstanding acumen in assembling several properties which formed the basis of a major Canadian mining company;
    • Assembled an outstanding team of individuals to carry on the work of building a major corporation;
    • Demonstrated entrepreneurial skill and innovative strategy in plotting the direction of the firm;
    • Displayed unusual managerial capability in directing one or more corporations over a career involving management of change, revitalization, etc.;
    • Directed the development and start-up of several operating mines under difficult circumstances, including ground conditions, climatic conditions, etc.;
    • Built an outstanding company providing goods and/or services to the mining industry.
    • Developed and/or implemented one or more technologies or operating methods that have had a profound impact on the firm, and beyond;
    • Developed instrumentation, equipment or other devices which contributed to the efficiency, health and safety and/or environmental performance of the exploration and mining industry;
    • Provided geoscience data or scientific knowledge.
    • Made an outstanding contribution, in the case of an individual associated with the mineral industry, in such areas as:
      • education or professional development;
      • supportive public policies or government programs;
      • communications and information.
    • Demonstrated outstanding achievement in reconciling the business goals of the industry to those of Canadian society in general, through such means as:
      • support for worthy cause;
      • public understanding of mining;
      • environmental improvement;
      • improved governmental relations;
      • employment of indigenous people;
      • building bridges of understanding to other segments of Canadian society.