Download the nomination form here.

Candidates for nomination into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame must be individuals who have made a significant and lasting impact on the mining industry in Canada and/or Canada’s role as a global leader in mining. Candidates are not required to be Canadian citizens.

Anyone can nominate a candidate for induction into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame. Nominations must be submitted through one of the CMHF Member or Associate Member Organizations.

In addition to the completed CMHF Nomination Form, each submission must include:

  • Nominator letter

In this letter the nominator should outline why the nominee should be inducted addressing, as appropriate, the key elements of the categories of achievement. Not all categories are expected to be addressed.

The letter should be as inclusive as possible and serve as guidance for the authors of the letters of support, but not more than two pages long.

  • All of the following information on a maximum of six pages. (Each item does not require a separate page)
    1. Curriculum Vitae/Career History (limited to one page)
    2. List of Memberships in Professional and Industry Associations
    3. List of Publications (summarize as required to fit on one page)
    4. A description of awards and other recognition
    5. Any other information in support of the nominee
  • PLUS Supporting Letters (minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10)

Authors of supporting letters should identify their position, role and the nature of their knowledge and relationship with the nominee. The nominator should encourage the letter writers not to repeat what has already been written by the nominator but to add their own insights to the appropriateness of the nomination. It would be advisable for the nominator to share the categories for which the candidate is being proposed (Exploration, Building the Corporation, etc.) so that the letters of support provide additional evidence of the candidate’s achievement in these areas.

Please contact our Member or Associate Member Organizations for further details on the requirements and process for nomination.