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TORONTO, SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 – The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (CMHF) is delighted to announce it will induct five new members at its Annual Dinner & Induction Ceremony on January 11, 2024:

  • David Ross Bell
  • Ross D. Lawrence
  • William E. Roscoe & John T. Postle
  • Eric Sprott

These five leaders have been selected for their inspiring careers, outstanding achievement, and lasting contribution to Canada’s mining industry. They have each worked tirelessly in their pursuit of elevating Canadian mining to be the global leader it is today.

“Our 2024 inductees are visionaries in different parts of our industry who share a common approach – they identify opportunities and transform them into reality,” said Janice Zinck, Chair of the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame and Executive Director, Geoscience and Mines, Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, Nova Scotia. “These five individuals are deserving of this honour for their tireless commitment to unlocking discoveries, building projects and generating value to the benefit of Canada as a whole.”

David Ross Bell earned the reputation as someone with a ‘nose for ore’ and is recognized for his pivotal role in discovering and developing the world-class Hemlo gold mining site in Northern Ontario. Ross D. Lawrence achieved international recognition for his expertise in mineral property valuation, mineral policy development and economic analysis of mining projects. Together, William E. Roscoe and John T. Postle built Roscoe Postle Associates and offered indispensable advice on mining project development at all stages of the mine life cycle. And Eric Sprott’s trailblazing investment in Canadian junior mining has become synonymous with financial success in mining.

The CMHF will welcome these new members at the annual Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Annual Dinner & Induction Ceremony on January 11, 2024, at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. Tables of ten are $5,000 and single tickets are $500 each. Ticket sales are available until December 20, 2023 at


David Ross Bell

David Ross Bell is renowned for his pivotal role in discovering and developing the world-class Hemlo gold mining site in Northern Ontario, which reverberated across the province, creating jobs, and stimulating local economies over three decades. The ripple effect extended beyond Hemlo, igniting staking rushes and exploration activities in neighboring areas. Throughout his career, Bell was a member of several industry organizations such as the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, as well as the Toronto Geological Society. He served as a director for various prominent companies, including Franco Nevada, Euro Nevada, Chariot Resources, Micham Resources, CaribGold and FTM Resources. Recognized as Prospector of the Year in 1982 by the PDAC, Bell’s uncanny ability to identify promising mineral deposits earned him a reputation as someone with a ‘nose for ore.’ His insight into the geological potential of properties was a driving force behind many successful ventures in the mining industry.

Ross D. Lawrence

Ross D. Lawrence is credited with elevating Canadian geological expertise and the growth of the Canadian mining industry on a global scale. He embarked on his career at Watts, Griffis, and McOuat Ltd in 1962, a company he helped shape and elevate over many decades. Lawrence was instrumental in setting up teams of geologists and mining experts, enabling WGM to flourish into a globally renowned consulting firm. He was also actively involved in policy development, advising governments in such countries as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. One of Lawrence’s notable technical contributions was the development of a technique for diamond drilling 12-inch diameter core for bulk sampling, a pioneering method displayed in WGM’s lobby today. For 20 years Lawrence served as President of the Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export (CAMESE) and was a director (20 years) and Chairman (3 years) of the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) in Sudbury.


William E. Roscoe & John T. Postle

William E. Roscoe and John T. Postle have collectively dedicated over eight decades to revolutionizing the world of mining consulting and shaping the standards of mining operations. Roscoe and Postle met when they worked together at Cominco’s Wedge Mine in New Brunswick in 1967. Both spent time in senior positions at mining consulting firm David S. Robertson and Associates before venturing into business together. In 1985, Roscoe and Postle co-founded Roscoe Postle Associates (RPA), a consultancy that would become a global titan in the mining industry. Under their leadership, RPA flourished, growing into a nationally and internationally recognized geological and mining consulting firm with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec City, Denver and London, UK. Their commitment to professional and ethical standards made them the go-to firm for resource/reserve estimates and audits, technical due diligence, and mining valuations. Both were awarded Fellowships, named Distinguished Lecturers, and received the Robert Elver Mineral Economics award from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. In 2022, Roscoe received the CIM Vale Medal for his meritorious contribution to mining. Postle was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his service to the mining industry, and they jointly received a PDAC Special Achievement award for their contributions to the industry.


Eric Sprott

To say Eric Sprott has left a legendary mark on the world of mining investment would be an understatement. Sprott’s career in investing began in the 1960s and he quickly established himself as a driving force, leading a team of financiers and research analysts who played a pivotal role in elevating junior mining companies onto the global stage. His efforts, combined with astute investments, brought these companies to the attention of institutional and retail investors, contributing to the mining boom of the early 2000s. He founded Sprott Securities, now Cormark Securities, and later established Sprott Asset Management in 2001. Sprott’s investments were not just monetary; they were a mark of endorsement – with a “Sprott cheque” becoming synonymous with success in the sector. Sprott is considered a lifeline for junior mining companies, transforming them into significant industry players. His philanthropic endeavors have also created an indelible legacy. His commitment, integrity, and unyielding support for even the most ambitious projects define his legacy.

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